Trails in Italy

Discover the best paths, trails and itineraries throughout the Italian peninsula, crossing incredible places and landscapes and walking on routes that will make you rediscover the territory.

Best itineraries

The Via degli Dei (5 days)

The Via degli Dei (5 days)

Discover the Via degli Dei, visiting ancient villages and observing breathtaking landscapes on a 4-night itinerary in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

Trails in the Italian regions

Explore the history and culture

Walk through Italy means immersing in its rich history and culture. From ancient pilgrimage paths to thousand-year-old Roman roads, every step tells a story. Discover intact medieval villages, world-renowned art cities, and archaeological sites that testify to the greatness of past civilizations.

Unspoiled Nature and Breathtaking Landscapes

Trails in Italy also offer a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in unspoiled nature. Follow trails through lush forests, undulating vineyards and golden fields. Take in breathtaking views of towering mountains, crystal clear lakes and wild coastlines that plunge into the Mediterranean Sea.

Food and Traditions

In Italy, the journey is as much about the cuisine as it is about the landscape. Along the paths, you will have the opportunity to taste local delicacies, from artisanal cheeses and cured meats to regional specialties and fine wines. Enjoy the authentic taste of Italy in every bite and discover the importance of cuisine in Italian culture.

Whether you’re planning a short weekend hike or a long journey through Italy, the trails of the “bel paese” offer an unforgettable experience for all travelers. With breathtaking landscapes, rich history and vibrant culture, Italy is perfect for an adventure that will stay in your heart forever.

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