54 Km, 4 days

A legendary itinerary to the far north

Duration: 4 days, 3 nights
Country: Iceland
Budget: €300
Km traveled: 54

Discover Iceland through one of the most exciting and spectacular trekking routes in the whole world! 54 km of unspoiled nature and spectacular landscapes along South Iceland in the far north of Europe. The Laugavegur is a route that can be traveled either by tent (more complicated and strenuous) or by sleeping in the huts along the various stages, where you can also eat.


One cannot describe the emotions one experiences while trekking in this wonderful place. Iceland is a magical place that leaves you speechless everywhere…and the amazing thing is that we are always on Earth!


  • Accommodations and Food
  • Difficulty
  • Transportation
  • Nature

Day 1

Landmannalaugar to Hrafntinnusker

12 Km | 4/5 hours | + 470 m

It is the shortest stage, but also the one with the greatest uphill elevation gain, which is why many people find this stage quite strenuous. The first part of the trail leads up to and through the Laugahraun lava field, continuing downhill and back to a plateau. At this point the trail heads toward Stórihver, next to a fantastic geyser. From here to the Höskuldsskáli hut (at Hrafntinnusker) is only an hour away, but this last part is often covered with snow and therefore requires more effort and care.


Day 2

Hrafntinnusker to Álftavatn

12 Km | 4/5 hours| – 490 m

This day begins in a valley that is mostly flat, but there are a couple of ravines that must be crossed very carefully. Along this stage, if weather conditions permit, an extension to Háskerðingur (1-2 hours more), which allows for beautiful views. Now we proceed to Jökultungur, from where we can see the three fantastic glaciers Tindfjallajökull, Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull. In this section the road is quite rocky and may be covered with snow. At the end of Jökultungur you have to cross the Grashagakvísl River (either on a snow bridge or by fording it) and continue to the Álftavatn Lake shelter.


Day 3

Álftavatn to Emstrur

16 Km | 6/7 hours | – 40 m

The trail heads east in the direction of Hvanngil. It is necessary to cross the river Bratthálskvísl, which has no bridge and must be forded on foot. Once you get to Hvanngil you can find restrooms for hikers. Now continue by crossing the Kaldaklofskvísl River on a bridge and then crossing the Bláfjallakvísl River (this time fording it on foot). The route from this point on almost always follows the main road, until you reach the Innri Emstruá River, which you can cross on a bridge. At this point we head toward Emstrur, where the landscape is almost devoid of vegetation. The lodges here are not visible until you are very close to them.


Day 4

Emstrur to Þórsmörk

15 Km | 4/5 hours | – 300 m

On this last stage, the trail begins by heading east and shortly reaching the bridge over the river Syðri-Emstruá. The river ends in a deep canyon, and people suffering from vertigo might be afraid to cross the bridge, as it passes right over it. From here the trail heads to the confluence of the rivers Markarfljót and Syðri Emstruá and it is recommended to follow the trail to the edge of the gorge, before heading south through Almenningar. Now the path crosses two small ravines, within each of which is a stream of drinking water. We then head towards Fauskatorfur and Úthólmar, where more vegetation will begin to be present again. There remains the last climb of Laugavegur, called Kápa, at the end of which the Þröngá river must be crossed. It then takes half an hour to reach Þórsmörk, the end of this path.

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Huts where to sleep

1st Night

Hrafntinnusker Hut

  • BEDS: 52
  • GPS: N 63°56.014 – W 19°10.109
  • TEL: 499 1035
  • WEBSITE: Click here

2nd Night

Álftavatn Hut

  • BEDS: 72
  • GPS: N 63°51.470 – W 19°13.640
  • TEL: 499 0721
  • WEBSITE: Click here

3rd Night

Emstrur Hut

  • BEDS: 60
  • GPS: N 63°45.980 -W 19°22.450
  • TEL: 499 0647
  • WEBSITE: Click here

4th Night

Þórsmörk / Langidalur Hut

  • BEDS: 75
  • GPS: N 63°40 960 – W 19°30.890
  • TEL: 893 1191
  • WEBSITE: Click here



For all up-to-date information regarding Laugavegur shelters and opening times, one must consult the official sites:

Trails: Laugavegur | Ferðafélag Íslands (

Road conditions in south Iceland | Road conditions in south Iceland | The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration

Usually the route is open from June 25 to September 15, however, it may vary depending on the specific conditions of each period and depending on when the Icelandic authorities open the roads to Landmannalaugar and the various shelters.

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