Cammino del Salento

Seaside path

An itinerary between Lecce and Santa Maria di Leuca, the "end of the world".

Duration: 5 days, 4 nights
Region: Apulia
Budget: €250
Km walked: 115

Coast the Adriatic Sea for 115 km of nature and sheer cliffs; discover local customs and traditions and visit wonderful villages for a truly unique experience. Almost the entire route follows the coastline, and some sections are even on the sand of Salento beaches. The hospitality is incredible, as is the food you can find along the walk and the various places you can visit.

I walked the Cammino del Salento, specifically the Sea Route, at the end of April. A resounding camin, especially for the continued proximity to the sea!


  • Accommodations and Food
  • Difficulty
  • Transportation upon arrival and departure
  • Nature
Cammino del Salento - 1 Stage

Day 1

Lecce to San Foca

24,7 Km | 6 hours

The Cammino del Salento begins at Porta Napoli, then crosses the historic center and heads toward the Castle. Here you will also be able to see the beautiful Fountain of Harmony, then continue toward Merine and out of Lecce. Once you get to the village of Merine you pass by the main square. At this point you continue to follow the orange arrows, always present and visible along the route (often on stickers on road sign posts), until you reach the ancient village of Acaya. Along this section of the route, at some point, you can also stop for a few minutes to rest or eat at a shady rest area along the route of the Francigena. Upon arriving in Acaya I recommend visiting or at least seeing the historic castle from the outside, and in addition you can also find drinking water at the public drinking fountains, a grocery store and a few bars. Leaving Acaya, one heads left from the gateway and shortly after begins to skirt a golf course until reaching the Cesine nature reserve and again after arriving on the beach. From here we will walk for a while along the coast and later on a dirt road until we reach Torre Specchia Ruggeri. From here it is now only a short distance to San Foca, which is reached safely by continuing to follow the signs along the coastal path.

Cammino del Salento - Stage 2

Day 2

San Foca to Otranto

23,9 Km | 6/7 hours

Leaving San Foca, take the bicycle path, heading toward Roca, to a small beach from which you will begin to follow a path through the dunes to Roca. After a short stretch on the asphalt road, you arrive at the Archaeological Park of Roca Vecchia and Grotta della Poesia (which I absolutely recommend visiting, also because with the Pilgrim’s Passport it is free ?) and continue further toward Torre dell’Orso. At this point you descend down a flight of steps and enter a pine forest (where I suggest keeping an eye on the gps track so you don’t risk getting lost), and then arrive on a beautiful coastal path. Along this stretch the view is really fantastic and various stacks can be seen. From here the trail follows the coastline again and again, for several kilometers, until it re-enters a pine forest near Conca Specchiula. From here you continue along the shaded path, and then continue along the sidewalk of Via degli Alimini, which must be walked almost to the end, where instead you will have to turn left, walking along a path with exercise equipment. After a short while you reach the Alimini beach and succeed at the Alimini lakes bridge, where you re-enter the pine forest to the Baia dei Turchi. At this point you walk on paved road until you arrive in Otranto.


Cammino del Salento - Stage 3

Day 3

Otranto to Santa Cesarea Terme

21,8 Km | 5/6 hours

Leaving the city, heading toward the harbor and following the signs you begin a truly beautiful dirt trail, following the coastline for many, many kilometers and passing incredible sights, such as the Serpe Tower, the old bauxite quarry or the Palascìa Lighthouse. After several kilometers, one arrives at Porto Badisco, from which one finally heads toward Santa Cesarea Terme, walking along paths and a section of the Via Appia Calabro Salentina.


Cammino del Salento - Stage 4

Day 4

Santa Cesarea Terme to Marina Serra

22,9 Km | 6 hours

This stage begins as usual by leaving the town and following the signs, until arriving about 1 km later at Porto Miggiano. From here we continue on some paved sections and then on dirt paths to the village of Castro and again after Castro Marina. Once you get to Punta Correnti you then have to travel a few kilometers either over cliffs, or on the paved road that follows it next to it, to then arrive at the wonderful aquaviva cove. Continuing along the path, always well marked by orange arrows, you pass Torre del Sasso and arrive at Tricase porto, from where you follow the coast road to Marina Serra.

Cammino del Salento - Stage 5

Day 5

Marina Serra to Santa Maria di Leuca

21,8 Km | 5/6 hours

It follows the Sentiero del Nemico and some side roads, then arrives at the Serafini-Sauli Baronial Palace in Tiggiano. Continuing along the route we head toward Corsano and again toward Marina di Novaglie. From here we embark on a wonderful coastal trek along the Cipolliane Trail to Ciolo Inlet. From here we continue to Gagliano and again to Erma Antica (a symbolic place for pilgrims). At this point you are very close to the final destination of the walk, Santa Maria di Leuca and in particular the Santuario de Finibus Terrae!

Cammino del Salento - Via del Mare Altimetry

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The Pilgrim's Passport

The Pilgrim’s Passport bears witness to the route, the stops and the emotions along the Camino; it provides access to many pilgrim welcome points and also is a fantastic keepsake to keep once the experience is over. To request it click on the link below, you will be redirected to the dedicated page on the official website of the Cammino del Salento!

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