Trails in Calabria

Discover the most fascinating paths and itineraries in Calabria, immersed in breathtaking landscapes that will reveal the authentic beauty of this harsh and wild land, allowing you to rediscover its majestic unspoilt nature;

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Discover Calabria

Ancient traditions and millenary cultures

Immerse yourself in the unique history and culture of Calabria through paths and trails that reveal the secrets of this land rich in traditions; Each step leads you to the discovery of ancient archaeological sites, such as the remains of the Greeks and Byzantines, dating back to ancient times; Travel through landscapes steeped in mythology and legends while breathing in the fragrant air of this region;

Wild nature and rugged landscapes

Hiking in Calabria will bring you into contact with unspoilt nature and rugged, spectacular landscapes; Walk along trails that climb through the barren peaks of Aspromonte and Sila, enjoying breathtaking views of deep canyons and dense beech forests; Admire the beauty of the rugged coastline with its hidden coves and sheer cliffs overlooking the crystal clear sea;

On the trail of ancient peoples

Admire the remains of the ancient Greek colonies of Magna Graecia, such as the temples of Locri and Caulonia, and discover the vestiges of ancient Italic peoples, such as the Bruzi and Enotri; Each step will take you into the fascinating past of this region;

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